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Cross Country Ministry Journal: June 2016

June 11, 2016: Heading Out...

Nancy and I are leaving on June 12th for a 3-4 month ministry road trip and are asking if you would keep us in prayer for safety, good health and stamina while we travel across the country. Our first stop is Denver to be with my brother Bill, and sister-in-law Sandy who is having surgery. Sandy was severely burned in the San Bruno Public Service gas explosions 5 years ago - her mother died in her arms. Since that time Sandy has had many surgeries. This surgery is very serious and she almost died from a similar surgery a year ago. The operation will be on Tuesday the 14th at 11:00 am Central Time. Please pray.

From Denver we will be traveling to Pennsylvania to be with Nancy's daughter Melinda and her family. Melinda will be having a knee replacement on July 6th and we will be staying with her as she recuperates.

After leaving PA we will be traveling to NJ, MD, TN, AK, OK and wherever else the Lord directs.

During our journey we will keep you informed of our progress and need for prayer. Periodically we will be updating this blog so please visit here again and look for pictures and updates

We love you and appreciate your partnering with us!

Nancy and Judy

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June 12, 2016: Day 1 - On the Road...

The first day of our long awaited for ministry adventure. We, Judy and Nancy, left yesterday morning.

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Do you think Nancy will be comfortable in the trunk during our long journey? She does have her pillows in there with her.....

This first leg of our journey took us through an area with breath-taking views of snow covered mountains, lush evergreens and quaint little ranches, beautiful horses in the meadow, a colt rolling in the field scratching his back.

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Went through Lassen National Park; the landscape changed drastically, piles of volcanic rock everywhere. Next we drove through the desert outside of Susanville CA and on to Reno, NV where we prayed and blessed the land and our special friends who live there.

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After we left Reno on route 80 we encountered a huge dust storm, it was probably moving about 50 mph. We just missed being engulfed by it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS.

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Not too stiff after 8 hours in the trunk....arrived safe and sound in Elko, NV

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Blessings and Love,

Nancy and Judy

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June 13-14 2016: On the Road to Denver...

God's Fingerprints! Last night at the motel the internet connection was down "OH NO what shall we do?" So this morning we received a $20. Voucher for Breakfast!!!

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The Bonneville Salt Flats. Utah's famed measured mile. Site of world land-speed record runs. Oh and that's us!

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The colors of the Red Rocks in Utah are outstanding! Our Creator is amazing!!!

Wyoming. Every direction you look you see panoramic views: blue sky's, puffy white clouds, and vibrant green grass. Just beautiful!!!

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The Windmills in Wyoming with snow-covered mountains in the background.

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Arrived in Denver! Sandy's Doctor said the surgery went very, very, very well. Thank you for praying!!!

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Sandy's granddaughter visiting her in the hospital.

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Watch our Our Funny Car Wash Video Below!

June 21, 2016: On the Road Again - to Ohio...

We will be traveling starting tomorrow (Wednesday) for 3-4 days, heading to Eaton Ohio to visit with a wonderful church family. Judy will be sharing her testimony and showing her Roller Derby films. We have had many wonderful times there; Victoria wrote the song "Break Every Yoke" at this church. Many, many people have been deeply impacted and their lives changed by the anointing on this song.

Judy's sister-in-law is home from the hospital. Her recovery is amazing! Thank you! Thank you for praying.

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Texas Ministry Journal: January - March 2011

January 17, 2011: Houston or Bust...

FIRST A WONDERFUL MIRACLE....GAS IS $2.89!!!! Yes it is and after California prices....we are grateful! Just stopped outside of Phoenix....Making good time....the weather is lovely.....Nancy is feeling MUCH better after starting the trip with a vicious cold.

Thank you so much for praying....we will keep you informed and updated with the proof of His hearing your prayer....He loves to show His wonderful way working miracles.

The first day Judy and I went to the San Francisco Hospital to see Sandy, Judy's sister-in-law. She had just heard she would have another "procedure" the first of this week and was so scared..the doctor talked with her, then came to talk with us. Her terror and fear reactions are immense after experiencing the explosion AND many surgeries...much pain from continual skin grafting. At this point she needs one large spot on her back to heal where the graft is dying, this needs to be scraped....we are asking the Lord for a miraculous restoration of every area that was devastated by the flames. Her face, hands, arms and feet are the most severely damaged. She is awake and so very grateful when she hears people are praying for her..... Thank you for being a part of her miracle!

We have been memorizing Psalm 91 and declaring Scriptures as we travel along I-10. Daily we are all sent to specific place and along specific paths so that people and land can be touched by the Kingdom of God. May our eyes be opened to what is REALLY happening when we "just happen" to end up in a certain store....or for us....RV park.

We love you and appreciate your partnering with us!

Victoria, Nancy and Judy

January 20, 2011: A Quick Update

First a huge miracle....a couple months ago Nancy had an X-ray of her showed a nodule...last week she got a repeat X-ray ...the nodule is gone!!! HUGE BLESSING!

Now we are REALLY heading to the car. The RV transmission blew...and yes, we left proof....tons of fluid spewed. They say it happens often in RVs from California or Florida because the mountain driving....hummmm...well, for us it was a first. So the transmission is being rebuilt....we are heading on because we have all day Saturday worship and prayer with a large intercessory team from Houston area. Then spending the week praying for brains and getting with them individually. Hoping to get the RV back by next weekend when we are teaching ROOTS at a church in Victoria. We are looking forward with GREAT EXPECTATION for what the LORD has in mind. All is well and we are grateful!

Love and appreciation.... Victoria, Nancy and Judy

January 27, 2011: Awesome Victories!

WHAT A FABULOUS WEEK! Spent several days praying with people....mostly for their brains....for some it lead to places of trauma from their childhoods. Now we watch to see the evidence, verifying that the Lord was doing what He does so well....healing and restoring lives. Yesterday we prayed for two sisters....such a sweet restoration of relationship.

Today we are headed back to Kerrville, TX to pick up the RV.....with a rebuilt transmission. The blessing is that is was NOT as extensive as they originally thought....AND one part (very expensive part) was not needed after all. The LORD IS GOOD!!!

Tomorrow we head to Victoria, TX for a Roots Webinar. Looking forward to our time in Victoria...the Kingdom of God is on the move....the pastor's wife had a dream of what to expect....a powerful flow of God's healing and delivering.....His glory being poured out bringing changes to the area. So we are going with great anticipation of the Kingdom of God coming in ALL Heaven's fullness.

Below is a picture of the new gift I just received....a Yamaha P 95.
I am in awe at the Lord's provision.......

Blessings and love from US three...... Victoria, Nancy and Judy

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February 4, 2011: A Change in Plans

As you probably have seen Texas is under a huge ice storm....Arlington area is locked down...and more ice, snow and sleet, we wait to see what tomorrow holds. The meeting that is scheduled for Friday evening and half day Saturday may be canceled completely. People from 5 surrounding states were driving and flying in but the airport has had canceled flights for the last few days. So we will certainly let you know if and when we hit the road.

The time with Hannah, her Mom and Grandma yesterday was such a good time. Prayed through many aspects in the generational line....other woundings and words while Hannah was in the womb....healing within the brain stem and other areas of her brain. The peace and healing presence of the Lord was so sweet ....Hannah can walk with alot of assistance and she just wanted to walk around the house the whole time we prayed. Her Mom's back had been destroyed by all the lifting and stress and she was in alot of pain...the Lord answered with a great healing and taking her pain. They will let us know when there are verifiable changes. In the afternoon a couple came. We had prayed for her brain earlier brought her husband. He was totally wiped out by the Spirit of the Lord....much movement....shifting of painful memories and healing in many others. They both began the process of being cleansed of was strategic for them. They have just begun a season of "retirement"....a season of increased ministry. So this was a perfectly timed appointment. There is an increased awareness that we are covered in prayer....thank you!!!

We love and bless you! Victoria, Judy and Nancy

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February 10, 2011: WHO WOULDA THUNK IT!?

When we traveled full time years ago we found that it was VERY WISE to head south in the winter...that was after several weeks of waking up with ice on our walls because we were near the Great Lakes....YES, FREEZING! However, this trip has proved to be a huge everyone in Houston and Dallas areas. Last weekend our trip to Arlington was canceled due to the snow and ice....took some people who pushed to get to the Super bowl double the time to get to Arlington. Some who were scheduled for prayer had to cancel On Monday we did have a fabulous lunch with some ladies who have each found themselves in painful circumstances with their husbands. One diagnosed with Alzheimer's, one with Prostate cancer and one lost her husband in a gas explosion....painful situations. We took the opportunity to pray for the cleansing and healing of their spirits and brains in the middle of the restaurant. SUCH a good time! Thankful for your prayers for our wisdom, safety and knowing when we "just shouldn't go!" Next week it supposed to be CLOSER TO NORTHERN CAL that is exciting!

Tomorrow and throughout the weekend we have several people coming for prayer ministry....and a couple folks returning. There has been verifiable changes for one man who has been having great memory loss. One lady walked through forgiveness and reached a new place of Shalom and understanding of why she has had "issues" with anger. Watching for more obvious signs of healing and deliverance to hearing more answers to prayer in the near future. Friday and Saturday evenings we were attending a conference where Ray Hughes is ministering. Looking forward to the refreshing he always brings.

In the middle of next week we head to Wascom, TX for School of Ministry where we will teach on the Redemptive Gifts and have extended times of worship and intercession. Anticipating an amazingly powerful time. Please pray with us for a calming of the has been battling allergies and sinus issues. And please pray with us for a powerful outpouring of anointing...great revelation, understanding of who they are, and why they reside where they do for bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. STRATEGIC!!!

A couple pictures for is the amazing "home" set-up we have and the other is the precious ladies we had lunch with.

We love you....appreciate your partnering with us in prayer....THANK YOU!!! Victoria, Judy and Nancy

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February 16, 2011: Heading to Waskom...northeasterly

This has been a tremendous week....spent Monday with a couple girls that are amazing was to be a day of recording but one of the girls had laryngitis....We did get material recorded...will wait to see if there is time to complete what was started.

Tomorrow we leave for Waskom, TX where we have a weekend conference on the Redemptive Gifts of Individuals. We will be with a group of about 50 leaders from around the area, into Arkansas. Please pray with us for safety....healing for Nancy who is still dealing with a sinus infection....for life changing revelation...clarity of minds and hearts. Please pray that the Lord will be greatly praise, worshipped overflowing with HIS pleasure....may His glory fall!

Thank you.....

We love and appreciate you..... Victoria, Judy and Nancy

February 21, 2011: An EXTRAORDINARY Weekend!!!

We asked for your prayer coverage and you went beyond the call....we traveled 6 hours north of Houston to Scottsville, TX to minister at the Kenshire School of the was a weekend we will never forget! It was truly filled with extraordinary encounters with the Presence of the Lord. Nancy had extraordinary strength and anointing to clearly declare the Principles of the Redemptive Gifts! One young man said this was totally changing his heart and "Why does the church not teach this??!" He was grateful to hear there are many who are. We trained them to pray for people's brains and walked with many through forgiveness....there were groups all over the room praying for each other. Now that is sweet sight to see! It was an extremely full schedule....from 6pm to 10pm Friday night....9am to 10pm Saturday and 9am to 2pm on Sunday. The head Apostle declared he had not anticipated the intensity of the move of God, nor the intensity of the warfare that came with it. AGAIN we are extremely grateful for your partnering in prayer.

There was an extraordinary anointing during worship, so much so that many were seeing angels celebrating....angels encircling the room smiling and a couple of them stopped to high-five each other. SO FUNNY! And one newly saved young lady finally understood what others were talking about when they said they felt "drunk"....she got DRUNK in the Holy Spirit and received her prayer language. She was Mercy Redemptive Gift, but was sure acting like an Exhorter....a bit wild and crazy! We had such a good time! I had lost my a bit strangled, but kept going in a whisper....very few realized it. It was stunning to watch the en throughout the room, as well as many women, weeping...a hush had settled over the room....during one Holy moment many were on their faces on the floor...... THANK YOU FOR PRAYING WITH US!!!

Be are heading back to Houston for another week of praying with individuals. On Saturday we head with a group to some strategic property to pray and worship on the land.

We love and BLESS you this week with an overwhelming sense of Father's presence, Victoria, Judy and Nancy

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February 26, 2011: HOME!!!

We are heading home in the morning.... stopping in Ft Worth and Oklahoma City to be with friends....and then HOME!!! Grateful for the time here....and thrilled to be coming home with many testimonies of Father's love and grace.

Just heard today that a young lady we prayed for who was having epileptic seizures is now off her meds and no seizures.

Please pray for safety, the gas prices to not increase and great gas and a blessing on the land as we go.......

Love and blessings..... Victoria, Nancy and Judy

March 3, 2011: CALIFORNIA!!!

Just crossed the border into California and we let out a yell! We are making good time...the weather is good...only light winds, which makes an vast difference in making good time or not. Within about 100 miles we are coming to Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert where, the last time we traveled through, we had the most scary, horrific experience we had ever had in all our years of RV travel. The winds were so extreme we had to stop and the RV was nearly tipping over all night. There were several RVs all huddled together....and in our RV there was quit a prayer meeting!!! He was He is today!

Grateful for your prayer cover over us....we have had a tremendous sense of the Protection of Jehovah Shammar, the Lord who covers, cares for and tends to us. Thank you!!!

A couple pictures of our last few days.....

With much love and appreciation..... Victoria, Nancy and Judy

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March 4, 2011: A Declaration


TMI Cross Country Ministry Journal
February - May 2009

February 25, 2009: Heading on Out...

We left early this morning heading south and then east to Houston, TX....we will be stopping in Phoenix to see some friends who used to pastor as church we poured much into when we were on the road. Their young daughter traveled with us for a time when she was being a rebellious pastor's kid....that is a huge passion of see healing come to the children of pastors and elders and other leaders in Church.

We are asking for much fruit that remains from this, health and lives touched even as we make stops all along the way. Maybe there will be someone in a truck stop who is ripe for salvation....that is what the Lord is doing these days...what a thrill to be apart. In Houston we are meeting with a group who has been praying for their city for 15 years and they are seeing great breakthrough, but now it is time for another level...sound familiar? He is taking us all to another level....nothing is as usual...we are going higher.

Our next stop with be Oklahoma City where we will meet with a team of intercessors who want to know more of God's plan to bring healing to their city. So many is every city, county....small town who are passionately pursuing God for His plan for the land they have been given stewardship over.

Thank you so much for praying....we will keep you informed and updated with the proof of His hearing your prayer....He loves to show His wonderful way working miracles.

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March 1, 2009: Brief Update

Here we are in Ozona, TX....where is that you ask? Somewhere in East Texas and THAT is all we know. Will arrive in Houston on Tuesday. Have had a tremendous trip....dinner with friends we hadn't seen in 10 years in Phoenix....we are weather.... and very low gas was $1.89...BLESS THE LORD!!! Thank you for teaming with us....may you receive in return all that you pray for us.

PS: Please pray for Nancy as she is having a severe allergy burning in her left eye and her nose won't stop running.

March 5, 2009: Update

Just a note to let you know that we arrived safely in Houston Texas and will be here for meetings until Sunday. Nancy's allergies are doing much better, thanks for praying. We all have had problems sleeping, so you can pray for our sleep patterns to regulate. Nancy is asking if you will please keep her daughter Wendy in your prayers, she is in a recovery home and is working through stuff. Thanks for praying we really appreciate you.

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March 8, 2009: Houston Out...Ft. Worth In

After an amazing weekend of intense, sweet worship and the nearness of the Kingdom of Heaven...His Presence, we left Houston and are heading via a Ft. Worth stop, to Oklahoma City for several days. We will be ministering on Wednesday evening and then spending Thursday praying for our host's restaurant. HOPEFULLY we'll get to EAT at the restaurant too...that's just my thought. Hummm, the flesh is very willing.....

We have been doing well....just not sleeping well.... of course, with meeting times going until 11pm, it's hard to gear down until, well, we are asking for safety as we ride to Oklahoma City and SLEEP in the night season.

We are grateful for who you are and your part in this ministry. We love and bless you.

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March 11, 2009: Such An Amazing God

Just a few Fingerprints of God....

Last night in Oklahoma City there was a "HUGE" storm going through...tornado watch, high winds (a bit freaky in a RV) heavy rain and large hail) we started praying....watched the weather map as things changed. We felt NOTHING...the winds blew, the RV didn' hail or heavy was peaceful and we had a tremendous night of sleep. Such a faithful Father!!

The weekend was just amazing...we experienced such a new place of worship....a heavenly conversation that we had never heard before...such peace....several experience the reality of angels and heavens beauty..the smells...the healing...I wasn't even exhausted after a couple hours on the keyboard...such a new place...sweet! Met folks that we knew were strategic relationships for the future...on the same page...just a pleasure.

The gas prices remain very low $1.69 in some places....

Yesterday a truck totally cut us off....speeding up behind us, going around and coming within a couple inches of the front of the RV as he pulled in....Judy kept her cool and the Lord protected. Of course, we were like yelling praises for a bit ....just grateful for the times he sends another angel or 2 to ward off a collision. If we had eyes to see all the times He does that we would be rejoicing continually.

Schedule for the next few days...

Heading to 2 restaurants not to eat (but hopefully get to take doggy bags), but to pray. The owner, Mary Jane, is a precious believer who knows the feeding of the masses is for more than physical pleasure, it is to draw them to the Kingdom of God. So we are praying for their business....for much fruit that remains and since these businesses are blessed by the Lord, they are flourishing in this season of financial upheaval. Then we will spend time with her and several others tomorrow night in worship.

Thursday we will be going to Arkansas City, Kansas for about a week...will teach on the Redemptive Gifts, Burden Bearing and Discerning.... Forgiveness and you know, probably some things we don't even know yet. This is a really fun group of people...they are question askers and love to dig for deep revelation. Very excited!!

In 2 weeks we will be with Pete and Lynda Bowers in Arkansas on their ranch...they have a ministry ranch....we will have a time of dedicating the land. Not sure how or what that means, but ready to find out.

We are sleeping better...thank you! Doing well physically.....Had some friends pray for our bodies the other day....for our backs and keep us whole and healthy.

Blessings to you all....we love you....pray you are seeing MORE of the Truth of the nearness of the Kingdom of God....His frequency, colors, smell, light and healing and all His name includes.

March 19, 2009: Hitting the Road Tomorrow

Well, this was such a surprising....HUGELY ministry filled time. Meant to send updates all along the way, HOWEVER....we had time to breath, eat, and minister one on one and groups. THE MOST excellent time of raising up groups to carry on the prayer ministry, Had all 3 of the Sunday morning services....they all ran unto each other....a tremendous time!!! We were given opportunity with generation prayer, prayer for those who have been abused, prayed for what a time that was..... And MUCH forgiveness!!!

SO, we are heading to Kingston, Arkansas tomorrow, to Pete and Lynda Bowers for a week of ministry. They have a 94 acre ranch with a barn totally restored for large groups....we are excited to finally get to their ranch to dedicate and pray for the land. It is about 5 hours by car.....sooooo, should be about 6 or 7 by RV. We are weary, weary, weary....they said the first few days are to be refreshed....we said..."OK!!!"

Please pray for safety again as we travel, rest when we get there.....AND of course, MUCH fruit that remains....lives changed....even ours.

We love and bless you.....

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Pictures From Our Stay on the Bower's Ranch in Kingston, AR

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March 31, 2009: Breaking Camp Tomorrow - Heading to Cincinnati

We are so grateful for the extra prayer you have so diligently given for the weather while here in Kingston, AR. This has been such a sweet time connecting with the hidden gems here in the hills. Many have been called here and don't yet know why....but the Prophets have said this is an end-time place of refuge and they are preparing....they are building homes throughout the hills...there are small churches...precious intercessors who are "unknown, BUT well known for such a time as this." We have come into a place of deep love for these people and know we will often return to just join with those the Lord has brought here.

Saturday night it snowed and froze...BUT that did not keep people away from the potluck and time of worship...SUCH a precious time of dancing and celebrating and worshiping....all ages...many teenagers...we were stunned at the passion and hunger that pours from these people. We have been honored to be here.

It will take about 3 days to get to Cincinnati....we have found out that our RV roof is damaged and we need a totally new roof, but you could pray for a divine healing....we are going to where we bought it 10 years ago...we are praying they will be able to help. Pete Bowers has been such a blessing in doing the things in the RV that we as women haven't been able to do... Grateful for the men who have SOOOO helped us!

Health-wise..there are some "issues" we would LOVE to have the Lord deal with SOON....He is faithful!!! We remain strong and excited about the coming weeks we continue going to where He has appointed us to go.

We love and bless you....thank you so much for your continued teaming with us...

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April 3, 2009: On to Cincinnati

HEY, Greetings team....some miracles to share from our say at this RV dealership... first of all...WE DON'T NEED A NEW ROOF.....second, every little thing we needed repaired, we now have all FIXED UP! Thank you Lord for Godly men who are good at these repairs. There have been several throughout this month on the road that have been tremendous gifts from the Lord...all the way to caulking so we don't leak in this VERY wet weather, to putting cupboards back on the wall... to putting the door back on so I don't have to open and slam the door while speeding down the interstate because it has popped open. Ah, the ways He causes us to hang on to Him.

Today we are heading to Cincinnati to be a part of an Evangelistic Crusade for the weekend. OH LORD, that many, many be saved, made whole and set into their destiny!!! Thank you for joining us in that prayer...prayer for wisdom, strength and the FEAR of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. May El Elyon be magnified greatly through our lives!!!

Love and Shalom blessings...

April 6, 2009: It's Snowing

Yes, and we are driving to just outside of Erie, PA....where we are going is supposed to be in low 30s for a couple, you know how to pray....please, safety while we drive....and that we will connect with who the Lord has planned for us to connect to for His purpose. We are going to spend a few days with Nancy's youngest daughter and family.

We were blessed to be apart of a Revival in an area outside of Cincinnati, OH. A small Body of believers with a large heart for the whole community....reaching out to the lost and wounded. The pastor had watched Judy skate when he was young. The Lord put it on his heart to look for her and found her website. He wrote an email asking if we could come help share the gospel in his community. Judy skated in to share her was a Divine time of salvation, healing and refreshing for those who came. We met a group of young people who are passionate worshippers, ministering in music and the arts....such an honor to pour into this next generation of warriors including some very young, pre-teens who are so hungry for the Truth of who the Lord is and who they are. The Lord connected our hearts with these little ones...they were listening intently, especially when we spoke to them about how important and precious they are. We ALL need to know that........

Going to sign off now so you can join us in prayer...thank you soooo much...we continue to thank the Lord for this team of pray-ers. Blessings, wisdom, and joy and more obvious seeing His fingerprints in this new week.

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April 7, 2009: Safe and Sound

Yes we are...and snowed in...oh well...supposed to be high 40s tomorrow and not low grateful FOR SPRING!! Thanks for praying...

April 13, 2009: Back to Ohio

Today is our last day in PA with Nancy's family...the wonderful thing is we got here several days before the family (they had been on vacation) and had that time to rest. We have been praying for the land...walking around blessing it and the house.

Tomorrow we head to Eaton, OH for several meetings with a church that we have been with from the beginning of traveling together. Many of them come out of the German Baptist culture, much like Amish, about 25 years ago. They have built a family of believers that truly know the difference between rules and law, and the revelation of living in the Kingdom of Heaven. They are always ready for any and everything we can impart....this will be a tremendous time. AND THEY HAVE A GRAND PIANO!!! I wrote Walls and Break Every Yoke in this sanctuary on this piano. Hummm, would love to write another song....has been a very long time.

We are doing well...the "health issues" have been taken care by Jehovah Rapha... goodness, are we grateful! Thank you for praying...even Dr. Clayton knew the Lord would take care of us...always a blessing to talk with a doctor who includes the heart of the Lord in his diagnosis. The RV is running more leaking from the roof, no more hanging on the the door as we travel down the highway. THE LORD IS GOOD!!!!

We will be having 2 meetings with the ladies during the week and will minister at the Sunday service. Please pray for Throne Room experiences, hearts ready to hear, a great harvest...deliverance and for "Words in Season" for these precious ones in the middle of the corn fields in Ohio.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our traveling, health for our bodies AND ears to hear Father's plan as we minister.

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April 22, 2009: Heading West

This morning we left Eaton, OH....such a fruitful, restful, refreshing time on this land. We love these people and have such history with them. The most amazing thing is the generational blessing with the children who were young the first time we came, and have grown into mature believers who are remaining here and becoming a part of the leadership of this church. We had such a wonderful time with the pastor and his wife...sharing, answering questions, discussing, discussing, discussing.... had the opportunity to meet with several young people, and a couple who is walking through restoration... we have known and loved these folks for 19 years. Many in the church have come out of the Amish or German Baptist (much like Mennonite) churches. They have sought hard the way of Truth that leads to FREEDOM from religion and resting is the finished work of Christ. Their backgrounds, with such righteousness and high morals has caused their land surrounding the church to be peaceful and open Heaven rests over the church...and YES, the time on the Grand Piano was SO EXTREMELY SWEET....had to go into the church last night to play the piano and worship just a bit more...very hard to leave.

At this time we are back at the RV grateful to be able to stop here before we start across the country... a couple of things still need serious repair. Somehow the batteries again aren't working... it has been so amazing to watch Father actually start the engine after several tries and nothing happening. AMAZING...just stopping, calming down....and praying....hummmm...then He starts it up. We have been so safe, so protected and we greatly thank you for teaming with us...surrounding us with prayer....SO grateful!!!

Tomorrow we will head southwest to Laughlin, NV where we will be at a Skaters Reunion for a few days. Judy has great favor and many opportunities to share what Christ has done in her life...they always ask her to pray for the meals.... ahhh, great time for sharing the is an open field ready for harvest. So we are very excited about what the Lord is planning while there. We plan to stop in St. Louis tomorrow to pray under the arches. A man in Arkansas had a prophetic word for us that he saw us standing under the arches facing west and declaring what the Lord gave us to prophetically declare. Tomorrow, Lord willing we will stop there. Will let you know how this all strategically plays out.

Please join us in prayer as we has been awesome traveling and praying across the country...this IS a blessed country still and we continue to pray for the land....healing from the defiling and emotions it has picked up from the iniquity of people, so the people can be healed and saved. We are asking for strength, safety, sight to see what the Lord wants us to see and as we go.

We love you.....bless you....may you receive the same blessing that you are praying for us.

Pictures From Our Stay in Eaton, OH

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April 23, 2009: Finally on our way...

A quick update....we had to stay the night at the RV dealership as a part was sent in....NO MORE DEAD BATTERY for no reason. There was a switch that was shorting out and cutting off the battery...very crazy stuff, but so glad these men know how to check the right things out to find the problem. So, it is now 1:30pm and we are heading to St Louis to see what the Lord does under the St. Louis Arch. Will most likely be there in the morning sometime. We are asking for prayer for the right place to park the RV on the OTHER side of the river, the quick ability to manuver through the downtown streets, and quick hearing so we can declare what the Lord wants released over the waters and toward the west. This is a called the gateway to the is an honor to have this opportunity.

Love and blessings.....

Abby in the Word

April 24, 2009: It Was Such A Great Time!!!

After a couple hours of driving around St. Louis trying to find a place to put the RV and following signs that were VERY confusing...actually a bit backwards....we got down to the Arch. SUCH a very powerful, amazing time....declared and prayed under the arch facing toward the was JUST AWESOME!!! Called for many who have yet to be saved to come into the Kingdom of God before the setting of the sun....For the alignment of the people with the Lord God so that there would be an aligning of the will of God in the USA....and since California leads the way in this country, so a realigning of the people with the will of God there. AND we declared "LIFT UP YOUR HEADS oh you lifted up you everlasting doors and the King of Glory SHALL come in....WHO is this King of Glory...The LORD strong and mighty....THE LORD mighty in battle!!!" And the rest of Ps 24.....SO excited to see the verifiable changes that will take place because of the Prophetic word, partnering with a large team of people...that would be you!!! Pictures are posted below.

Much love and gratitude!

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April 26, 2009: Urgent Prayer...Sunday Evening

Greetings....we are right above Oklahoma City right now...we had to stop because of extremely high winds and the threat of tornados. There are 3 super cells expected to converge...a funnel has been spotted at an F4 or F5 level...that is immense.... heading to the city....we are northeast a bit of there....asking for prayer covering for not only us, but the cities that are right now being told to battan down and get into your tornado shelters. We are confident we are safe.... always grateful for the prayer covering....will give a glory story report tomorrow....

April 27, 2009: Now That Was Miraculous!!!

All we can say is "THE fervent prayer of a righteous WOMAN, is heard and answered!!!" Ok, so that was a Robbins translation..... But we just want you to know these storms were huge, high velocity winds...115 MPH....expecting F4 and F5 we watched on TV as an invisible tornado flew across the open fields and a small community exploding electric boxes. All of the storms started calming within 20 minutes of sending out the prayer bulletin...the winds calmed....there was still alot of Lightening... very little hail and NO TOUCH DOWNS of injuries. We had very little lightening and the winds calmed greatly where we were parked!!! The whole area was safe because of your prayers...thanks so much!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!! Much Love!

April 30, 2009: At Almost FINAL Destination...

We arrived safely in Bullhead City, AZ, which is near Laughlin, NV.

Along the way we felt the Lord wanted us to stop to see a few friends. One in Kansas City, MO....Hannah Bailey, who is in school there and doing excellently. It was good to see her school and church she is apart of...even got to go to church with her. Now that was awesome!! Another friend we know from when we lived in Baltimore, MD....Sherry and her husband, now live in Tulsa, OK....we stopped and spent a couple hours with her. It had been 6 years since we had seen her....such a good time renewing our friendship. Oklahoma City was next, where we visited briefly with Judy's adopted niece Kristi....right there in the parking lot of McDonald's we got to pray for her....the Lord is faithful to complete what He has started. During this whole trip we were totally protected from all the tornadic weather....thank you so much for praying with us...we watched the Lord move large storms away from us. That was SO EXTREMELY AWE provoking!! Such a Faithful Father!!!

So now, back to our arrival in Bullhead City.....for the first time in our RV living/traveling, the RV backed up into the Honda....YES, a HUGE dent right on the hood. The amazing thing was a lady came out from her RV immediately saying her brother-in-law is a mobile body within half an hour George showed up. He checked everything out...said it would be able to be towed behind the RV as usual to get it back to Redding for repair. He did say if there was any trouble he would come and make it moveable. Father is such a protector, and we are grateful! Guess what?------George is a Christian.

In light of the recent "pandemic" of swine flu, we are praying for wisdom while here in the casinos and associating closely with so many people....if things get out of control, we will start home early, but we are praying for a completion of "why" we are here in the first place....many need to be introduced to the King of the Kingdom of God. Please pray with us for, an anointing for harvesting the ones that are ready to say "YES!" To confessing Jesus as Savior and Lord....and healing for those that need healing.

We again say a huge thank you for your part in this trip.....

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May 3, 2009: WE ARE STAYING...Thanks so much for praying!

Tomorrow starts the Skaters Reunion and all is well. We have had a couple miraculous blessings during the first few days here. The RV park we are staying is had a special coupon that took $75 off the cost of a week in the park. Another sweet thing is because the car we had rented broke down, they took a day off the cost AND a half tank of gas....fingerprints of Father's favor...we are GRATEFUL!! He is so faithful!!!

We will start heading home on Thursday and get home sometime on Friday....that is a must because Mom turns 87 years old on Friday.

Again we are grateful for all the time you have spent in prayer as we have been traveling. The fervant prayer of a righteous one sure does make an effect!

Love and blessings.....

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May 5, 2009: Need a Bit of Prayer...

First of all, a HUGE glory story!!! A young man got saved today....yes he did....this morning at breakfast. Today He met his Savior and Lord.....OH BOY, we love how the Lord works!!! Many more need the salvation of the Lord.

Now, remember the big ole dent in the car when "someone" backed into it? Well, it is a bit crooked on the "blue ox," the hitch that we pull the car on, and the light hook up got damaged by the hit....a must when pulling a car. So, could you pray with us for the right person to help us get something so we can head home on Thursday....Beyond ready to come home! AND just so you are grateful for where you are living is now 106 degrees here in Laughlin. HOT!!!

PS....It is now early evening....miraculously this afternoon the husband of one of the skaters, who has a RV, came to our site and worked on the cables that connect the lights from the RV to the car. He rewired and siliconed them and told us to wait until the morning to see if they work. the morning we will see just what the Lord has done!!! That takes care of the lights. Keep praying for the alinement of the hitch and the car; it seems a little off. We tried 6 different repair shops and they are all busy. We are praying and feel that the car will tow properly behind the RV. We are going to test it out in the morning.

AND another huge glory story!!! We won tickets for 2 at the dinner buffet.... we paid for one and sat down. An older lady who was a skater years ago sat down with us....through the conversation it was so evident that she was ready to receive the "gift of eternal life!" So after dinner there "just happened" to be a lounge chair sitting back from the slot machines.....right there she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. What a miraculous day....the Kingdom is growing and you are a part of the increase.

May 7, 2009: Another Glory Story and a Very Interesting Prayer Request

WOW, such a wonderful breakfast....another lady, so precious....came into the Kingdom of God this morning., confessing Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Now that makes breakfast a worthwhile meal!!! This has been such a fruit FILLED time. She has been sick for awhile and needs physical healing also. Please pray for these 3 who are new believers that they will grow and flourish. That they will be drawn deeper into Father's love. THANK YOU We have grown to love so many of these folks...the Roller Derby family, and that is exactly what this is. Judy officiated and I was able to sing at a memorial for one of the old time skaters...the Lord used this time in such a sweet way. What we are finding is you don't have to just PREACH the can live the Gospel and lives are touched because the Kingdom of God is near.

The reunion is over, but due to Divine plan, we have a couple in the RV with us...he is fixing our severely burned electric cord....a miracle!! Last night when we got back from the dinner, our electric was off....that has never happened....the electric cord started popping and blew again. These friends from the reunion came up to help...he is VERY good with all RV functions because they have owned one for many years....he fixed the lights cord for the car/RV hook up that you were praying for. We used the generator last night and this is now almost 100 degrees and it is 10am. He said this cord had melted together inside....the Lord has miraculously protected us from a fire. Please pray for his wisdom and ability AND that we can begin our trip home SOONER THAN SOON!! But this is a Divine connection with these folks, so whatever Father has planned...I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST ...right!?

We are grateful for the scheduling of the Lord...a bit surprising at times isn't it.

Pictures From Our Time in Laughlin, NV at the Skaters Reunion

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May 8, 2009: A Special Message


Love and Blessings,

~Nancy, Judy and Victoria

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