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Judy was raised in San Francisco, California. At the age of 13 she saw her first Roller Derby game. Judy began her career as a Roller Derby professional at the age of 16 with the San Francisco Bay Bombers. Later, she became captain of the Philadelphia Warriors. Her fame grew as she skated in the U.S. and other countries. Judy appeared on many TV and radio talk shows and was chosen to do the skating for Raquel Welch in the movie "Kansas City Bomber."

With the fame and notoriety there came an emptiness in her heart. She thought she had it all until another skater introduced her to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is when she finally found contentment. Judy left skating a year and a half later to attend Bible College in California.

In 1985, Judy began traveling throughout the United States, freely sharing what the Lord had done in her life. With her primary gifting as an evangelist, Judy has ministered in prisons and pulpits around the world. She has preached in schools, Indian reservations, and the streets of New York City. Judy has traveled, as part of team World Outreach, to Belize and Mexico, where she was used extensively in street evangelism. She has also appeared on TV and radio, including the 700 Club, PTL, and the Mike Douglas Show. She has skated into many churches, where she immediately has the attention of the ENTIRE congregation! Her testimony demands telling it just for the glory the Lord received each time someone makes a decision for Christ through hearing it.

Judy is Called To...

Judy brings a word of encouragement for everyone - to become all they can be in the Lord - ministering encouragement in their walk with the Lord and speaks of healing, forgiveness and the sense of freedom that comes only through a relationship with Christ. Her burden is to see them set free and healed of the things that hold them back.

Judy also speaks at Women's luncheons and retreats, encouraging women to let go of bitterness, move forward in forgiveness and lead fulfilling lives as women, mothers, wives and friends.

Judy's message is both practical and motivational, as she desires that you be equipped to serve the Lord as you "serve one another."

Please visit Judy's personal website at and see what life changing decision caused Judy to walk away from fame and fortune and a lucrative career she loved...

[Click Here] for Tribute From Gary Powers of the National Roller Derby Hall of Fame and the Redding Rollergirls during a Bout where they honored Judy at Half-Time in Redding California on August 6, 2011

[Click Here] to Read a Tribute and Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Judy in Front of Fans at the Kezar Pavilion on January 24, 2009

[Click Here] to view or print Judy's Bio - April 2014

Judy on You Tube


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